Insert Friday Feelings Here

We've made it to the weekend!

Yes, it's finally here!  Maybe it's just Friday that has me in an absolutely fantastic mood...Or it could be the coconut oil, peanut butter, and cocoa treats that I have in my freezer that get me super energized (I'm hoping I can post a recipe soon), but I left my house from work this morning feeling extremely grateful about life in general.  How awesome is that?

Here are my top three things I'm grateful for:

  1. My husband, family, and fur babies (all four of them)

  2. My photography and my stunning and amazing friends that allow me to be a part of the Kansas City art and small business scene.

  3. The fact that I'm able to wake up, exercise, smile, and BREATHE on a daily basis.

If Friday has you down for any reason at all today, sit back and think of things that you have to be grateful for.  I'd love to see your top three in the comments section below!  

Be sure to stay tuned for my weekend updates as I embark on some super neat photo journeys this weekend and finish editing my proposal session from last week!



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