Shameless Love-y Post

I know I post a lot of photos and "thank-yous" to all of the people that support me.

Honestly, though.

There's one person that deserves the biggest "thanks" of them all.


You want to know who motivates me each morning and helps me rest at night?  My wonderful husband.  Seriously.  I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now if it weren't for him.

He's the one that talks me out of every frustration and calms my rolling anger-storm.  He relaxes me through every ANXIETY-DRIVEN moment, and he always reassures me that I am what I'm striving to be.  If you ever want to know why I'm overly-happy or why I laugh a's because I wake up each morning to a person that pushes me to do what I'm passionate about.  I don't know how many times I've felt down about my work or thought about giving up.  He's always there to tell me "You've got it, girl" or hug me until I feel better. 
You want to know the secret to a great marriage?
Find someone that sees in you what other's can't.  Find someone that knows you better than you know yourself.

Here's a few things you may not know about us:

  • I've known my husband since I was 15 years old
  • We secretly held hands during Star Wars when I was 17 (SCANDALOUS) Star Wars has also been a crucial part to our relationship ever since.  Our wedding was Star Wars themed, and our wedding rings are as well.
  • We enjoy Seinfeld and Workaholics more than any human ever should :)
  • Jacob likes to wear my sweatshirts (see photo above)
  • We are both audiophiles, and we like to skim record stores when we're driving around with nothing to do
  • Jake and I enjoy animals...a lot.  We just added a new dog to our life...It was my idea, but it didn't take too much convincing on his end, either.
  • We're taco and chips and salsa addicts
  • We rely on coffee too much
  • After being married for almost two years now...we still genuinely adore each other's company

    I'm sure there are more things to add to this list, but this sums us up pretty well.  Oh...Here's another
  • This photo was taken on a phone (not mad about it).  Thanks, Google Pixel.

    PSA to iPhone users: Guys...I think I like this phone a lot more :)

    I love you, Jake.  Let's tear up Colorado.
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