Snakehound NYE

Ugh.  I feel like I've been absent for a very long time for the blog.  For that, I apologize.  I've had a few major life changes come my way that are both great yet bittersweet, so bear with me while I adjust a little :).

What a night!  If I remember right, the wind chill was -9 that day, and we were in a house where the doors stayed open throughout the whole show.  Needless to say, it was pretty frigid in there...we only suffered minor frostbite.

These guys have been killing it lately, and I'm so proud of them!  March 12th, they're playing a show in Springfield, MO. with one of their favorite bands, Every Time I Die.  They have been so excited ever since they found out.

So, if you're into the heavier side of music and want to make a trip out to Springfield in March, come have a great night with us!  It will be a night to remember for sure!  I'm so proud of these guys for putting in all of the hard work they have so far!  It's really paying off.

Here's Snakehound and their outtakes from NYE
Listen to their single here