In the K(NOW)

Hello, all!

It's nearing the end of my four day weekend again, and I'm currently sitting in my living room diffusing all of the happy little essential oils I can wrap my brain around to make me not despise this Thursday.  Yes, I have four days off per week, but it's always a sad realization knowing that I'm going to have to "get back to the grind" for three, 12-hour days!  I know...I'm pathetic. 
What I really wanted to talk about today is this online Client Management system called Dubsado.  This system allows me to do all of my booking, contracts, canned e-mails, payments, etc. all on one platform.  Now...I've never experimented with any of these things, so I'm hoping that everyone will be patient with me throughout this huge learning curve I'm having to deal with.  WELCOME TO 2017, STEVIE!  Please, just remember, although it's stressful and confusing, these are the kind of things we will be needing to make your experience easier and more user-friendly. 
Yes, I will be sending out automated e-mails, so please don't take offense because I'm normally not by my phone too often, and I want to be able to get back to you and answer questions ASAP.
Here's to the future! 

I'm trying my hardest to make everything more convenient for all of you so your overall experience with Sky + Space is nothing short of satisfactory!  Once I continue learning new things about this software, I plan on doing a few blog posts about how to use it, workflows, and other necessary knowledge-points, so stay tuned!

I'm also posting a new photo-session that we did for my husband's band possibly tonight/tomorrow.

Dubsado Welcome Packet

My new Assistant

Dubsado's friendly little welcome pack!

Stevie Haas-Kansas City, Missouri