Become the Night - Light Pack

Become the Night - Light Pack


Become the Night Light Pack

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For years, I’ve been striving to find that perfect balance between day and night. A time where the sun stoops just below the tree lines, and the possibilities of the evening are endless. These presets are designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped back into those summer nights you never wanted to let go of. My become the night preset pack is a moody, slightly desaturated set that brings forth warm skin tones, as well as gives your photos depth and emotion…the kind you’ve been longing for!

Become the Night comes with 3 out of the six original Lighroom Presets. Two of them cater to outdoor lighting and one to indoor natural light.

Along with this, I want to stress to all of you that each lighting situation is completely different. These presets may not fit every photo you’re going to take. What I can tell you is to shoot in natural light, keep your white balance on auto, make sure you’re shooting in a RAW file format, and have FUN!

Don’t forget to #SHPRESETS, so I can see the magic you create!



Kansas City Photographer


Kansas City Photographer


Kansas City Photographer