• What camera do you use?
    I normally sport a Canon 5D MK II most days with a mixture of a 50mm lens, 35mm lens, and an 85mm lens with macro filters.

  • How do you edit your photos?
    I use Lightroom for the majority of my photos.  If I'm feeling funky, and I want to add in a little pizzazz here and there, I will use Photoshop!
  • How will we receive our photos?
    All of the edited images will be given to you on an online gallery called Pixieset!
  • Where are you from and how far will you travel?
    I'm based in Kansas City, Missouri right now, but I'm open to anyone...anywhere! Just give me enough time to plan it out, cover my travel expenses (if applicable), and I will try my best to be where you need me to be!
  • Do you have lighting equipment?
    Yes, I do!  I have an external flash (I'm hoping to make that a plural word soon), and I also have photo lamps if needed.  I'm pretty thrilled about the overtime my external flash provides, so I tend to use that.  All lighting equipment that may be provided is dependent on your location, however!
  • How many photos will I get once you're done editing?
    My favorite answer ever!  I will edit every photo that, in my eyes, has great composition, lighting, and clarity.  There really isn't a limit on what I edit and what you get back because I strive for excellence with each shot!  The only thing I really leave out are duplicates, family photos with people not looking at the camera, and images that come out blurry or too dark.