Stevie's Favorites

Stevie's Favorite Things

Stevie Haas Photographer Kansas City, MO

Let's see...
There are a lot of favorites that I have in this lifetime.  If I had to sum it up however, I would say my top favorites (other than photography) are my husband, coffee, ice cream, animals, and my family.  Quite the list...I know. 
Other things my heart desires on a day-to-day basis include hiking, exploring, starry nights, and rainy days although I never hope for rain whenever I have a photo shoot scheduled. 
I like scary movies, rom-coms, and the occasional Sci-Fi flick.  Stranger Things is our favorite right now!  My husband and I started our entire relationship with a Star Wars marathon, so it's practically a given that I love every one of those movies as well.  I could tell you that we had a Star Wars-themed wedding, but I would be ly...OH WAIT!  We did have a Star Wars-themed wedding.  It was adorable, detail-oriented, and I loved it very much. 
I also enjoy yoga, playing the guitar, singing, dancing, drawing, and making some crazy twisty-photography art.  You can view that HERE

Cooking is something I can't ever get enough of, and I might need an intervention for the chips and salsa addiction I have.  I'll be the first to admit I'm quite the "foodie".'s 2017, and people are doing crazy things with food and creating SO MANY new recipes.  I must try them ALL.

I love essential oils and finding new ways to heal naturally, laughing, meeting new people, and watching The Office at any time in my life no matter how many times I've seen it.  My puppies and kitten are practically detrimental to my life, and they will always remain young to me even though they're wayyy too old to be called a "puppy" or "kitten" anymore.  We can just go ahead and add fall weather to this never-ending list too, but I'm going to end this craziness now before it's too much! :)

I could probably write you a gigantic novel on my favorite things, but I'll keep it simple.  When it comes down to it, my favorite things are:

    (Quote from The Office) :)