I'm Stevie Haas, and I'm a Fine Art, Portrait, and Branding Photographer located in Kansas City, Mo.  I specialize in all things dark and moody mostly because I've been inspired by nightfall throughout my entire life.  Crazy?  Sure it is, but there's something about feeling completely unknown to a world that turns silent that has always been exciting to me.  Everything looks brighter in the dark.  Ever since I had my first "real camera" at the age of 16, I was stuck outside, always playing with the minimal light that surrounded me...Forever hoping that I would one day be able to figure out low-lighting, so I could officially make this nightfall photography dream of mine a reality.   When I'm not experimenting with various forms of light at night or bending daylight to appear a little darker than you're average norm, I'm cuddling my puppies.  They're my absolute life.  I'm also probably doing other creative things with my husband, cooking, watching The Office, practicing yoga, or drinking too much coffee.  


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